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Modern Perl. And CPAN ;-).

Running. Scientific approach on health. Intellectuall running, fitness for intellect. Coaching for above.

JavaScript, mod_perl, MySQL, PHP, Template Toolkit, RegEx, Ajax/jQuery, JSON, Mason, Python, Perl XS, Postgres, Prolog, Web & graphics design, CSS, HTML, SEO, TCP/IP, RSS, Apache, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, Shell and scrupting, С, С++, C#, iOS/Obj-C, site audience analysis (incl. Google Analytics/more), Cryptography, artistic texts, more.

Romantic, science fiction fan, music lover, and, of course, specialist with strong experience in full cycle of creating and maintaining a web project: from the hardware assembly, installation and configuration of server clusters, networks, brand and logo development, creation of structure, high-performance code and site design, to creating and maintaining quality content: concise text and graphics, optimizing content for search engines and users, usability improving and providing effective ad/marketing campaigns, total life-development and life-support for projects.

Designer, author, editor and manager of websites. Database designer, data/users flow designer. Programmer, graphics/html/css designer, optimizer (SEO, usability, content), own and drive servers with high load.